ELI Goals

To expand and encourage interest towards learning and teaching of foreign languages

Implement mandatory teaching of the second language to enhance multilingualism in Georgia. Consider experience gained through learning first foreign language as well as the experience of the European partner universities.

Improve teaching/studying of foreign languages by implementing new study programs and developing innovative curricula and methodological teaching programs. Retain linguistic and cultural diversity while teaching foreign languages as tertiary languages at all levels of educational institutions.

Promote student‘s interest by conducting country wide language contests

Establish relationship, strengthen cooperation with foreign educational institutions

Assist students in getting education at the European universities

Exchange of experience between Georgian and foreign scientists. Publicize their scientific publications. Implement joint projects with the foreign partners.

Carry out international research of teaching/studying of the most popular foreign languages in South Caucasus (English, German, French, Russian)

Organize country-wide and international conferences

Improve the quality of teaching of foreign languages by organizing trainings and workshops for the foreign language teachers in cooperation with the foreign partners that will advance the skills and knowledge of the teachers of all levels of educational institutions.