ELI Goals

The Institute was founded in September 2002.


The goal of the Institute:


  • Creating public education syatem adequate to the European standards; raising public awareness in the area of education;
  • Raising public awareness of ongoing processes in the area of education in European coutries as well as Georgia;
  • Involvement of youth and young professionals in international conferences, seminars and competitions;
  • Organizing international and regional conferences and competitions;
  • Initiating and strengthening cooperation with local and overseas educational institutions and NGOs;
  • Organizing cultural and educational exchange activities with Europe, such as competitions, local and international conferences  and seminars;
  • Teaching European languages and culture, issuing language certificates in compliance with the European Common Framework of reference for languages;
  • Organiznig seminars and training with our Western partners, that will contribute to the improved methodology of teaching foreign langugaes, retraining the teachers in European cultural peculiarities and languages;
  • Scientific researchs at local and international level;
  • Exchange of scientists, publicizing research activities and promoting coopeartion between Georgian and EU scientists and scientific instituytions;
  • International research activities in Caucasus focused on teaching English, German, French and Russian languages;
  • Publication of journals, scientific reasearch papers, broshures, press releases and books;
  • Translation activities;
  • Organizing various humanitarian events and encouraging humanitarian activity, encouragement of charity work and voluteering;
  • Creating audio and video material;
  • Increasing multilingualism by introducing  second foreign language . Considering experience of learining first foreign language as well as the experience of our partner EU Universities;
  • Developing innovative teaching methodology, implementing new curriculum in order to improve teaching of foreign languages, which includes teaching foreign languages at schools and universities, by maintaining cultural diversity;
  • Scientific and analytic research of ongoing developments in Georgia;
  • Protection of human rights, freedom and dignity;
  • Creating professional ethics;
  • The Institute is authorized to conduct other activity that either directly or indictly supports the completion of its goals and interests;