ELI Goals

European Language Institute (ELI), founded September 2002

  • In the framework of close cooperation with foreign experts, provide preparation of highly-qualified professionals, who will meet European-standards, with international experience and be competitive on the labor market
  • Promoting young people to obtain experience and professional skills in Europe through internships, or various exchange programs, which will ensure their successful recruitment not only in Georgia, but also in foreign countries
  • To ensure professional dual education in Georgia and Germany in an international professional environment that will allow students to acquire not only theoretical knowledge but also important modern practice-oriented skills that will ensure their efficiency in their future professional settings
  • Certification, according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) standard
  • Increase the social prestige of the German language through various exchange programs, arouse interest in the German language
  • Deepening scientific and cultural partnerships with European educational institutions and making further new contacts
  • To play an important role in fostering interest in foreign languages and enhancing language learning in Georgia
  • To introduce a second compulsory foreign language in order to promote multilingualism in Georgia, considering and linking the first foreign language learning experiences to the second foreign language; taking into consideration the experience of our partner European universities
  • To develop innovative, curricular, didactic, methodological principles for the improvement of foreign language teaching and learning, and to introduce new curricula, including the study of foreign languages ​​as tertiary languages ​​in schools and colleges, maintaining linguistic and cultural diversity
  • Organizing and conducting international and local conferences, symposia and seminars with the participation of Georgian and German experts and professors
  • To conduct National Languages Competitions throughout Georgia to promote students
  • To encourage youth and young teachers to participate in local or international competitions, conferences, symposia and seminars
  • To support students to receive training at European universities
  • To insure exchange of information between Georgian and German scientists; to popularize their works; to carry out joint research projects and publish the works of Georgian and foreign partner universities
  • To carry out international researches in the most common foreign language teaching and learning processes in the South Caucasus
  • To conduct teacher training seminars together with our foreign partners, which will play an essential role in expanding the professional skills of teachers in schools and colleges and improve the foreign language teaching process as well as awareness of corresponding culture
  • To teach European languages ​​and cultures
  • To publish textbooks, newspapers, science collections, brochures, press releases, books and audio productions, and conduct translation activities