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Hueber publication books are being used successfully by a lot of Georgian leading universities. The most popular handbooks are: em, Lagune, Auf neuen Wegen, Delfin, Tangram, Themen neu aktuell, Schritte International, Tamburin, Tamtam.

The direct relationship with the Hueber publication enables us to purchase handbooks and other educational material for reasonable prices.

The handbooks are designed to create communication skills considering social-cultural diversity of German speaking countries.

The handbooks are created in compliance with the European recommendation framework and significantly develops coloquial skills and prepares students for the exams: Start Deutsch 1, Zertifikat Deutsch, DSH.

The handbooks consist of textbooks, work books and CDs. Teacher’s book and the methodological guidelines will help you use various social mechanisms (independent work, coupled work, team work) considering students’ interests.

Variety of audio and grammar exercises, authentic texts helps improve communication competence, gets you familiarized and easily integrated into the German language environment

Hueber publication offers you the A1 level novels, dictionaries, grammar books for all levels besides the handbooks.

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