Cructure of levels

Structure of the levels

A 1 Beginner
A 2 Elementary
B 1 Intermediate
B 2 Upper intermediate
C 1 Advanced I
C 2 Advanced II








Basic understanding of the words in daily conversation and basic clauses. Ability to communicate at the basic level, ask and answer questions. Understand sentences of slow and simple communication.


Understand daily communication (about family, people, shopping, education, activity etc) Communicate in daily conversation using simple words.

Independent usage of the language


The ability to participate in discussions about current events and interests without preliminary preparation. The ability to talk eloquently about the experiences, plans and vision.


The ability to lead a fluent conversation spontaneously. Participation in discussions, the ability to express the opinion fluently and participate in technical and professional discussion. The ability to lead detailed discussions eloquently. Understand professional and technical texts.

Competent usage of the language


The ability to listen to a lengthy speech/presentation, understand variety of highly technical texts and the literature. The ability to use rich vocabulary spontaneously during general professional and technical discussions. Fluent, logical and eloquent expression of opinion about complex matters.

C 2

The ability to understand fast conversation in detail. Uderstand complicated highly technical texts and the literature. Participate in any kind of discussion. The ability to lead logical discussion and express very detailed and technical nuances.