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General description and goals

South Caucasus is geopolitically diverse region, therefore there is a great interest of foreign countries towards Georgia, (tourism, enterprise development, trade promotion, transit roads etc.) As a result interest and demand of learning foreign languages is increasing.

Puropse and the Goals

  • To use advanced, innovative, curricular, methodological means of teaching in order to make easy teaching and learning foreign languages. Maintaining liguistic and cultural diversity while teaching foreign languages.
  • Enforce innovative methodology and curriculum to provide an in-depth scientifically proved professional education
  • Strengthen cooperation with Universities overseas
  • Streamline teaching of second foreign language to implement multilingualism in Georgia considering knowledge and experience from learning the first foreign language and the experience of our foreign partner universities.
  • Support exchange of information and experience between Georgian and foreign scientists. Promote and publicize their scientific publications. Plan and carry out joint projects between Georgian and European universities.
  • Hold country wide and international conferences
  • Improve teachers‘ skills and qualification by encouraging their participation in workshops and trainings jointly with fereign partners. This will contribute significantly to increasing their professionalism of teaching foreign languages and introducing the foreign cultures to the students.

The final results

The center will contribute significantly to the efficiency of teaching and learning foreign languages as well as promoting interest towards learning the second languages.

Promoting multilingialism is a priority for the European community. Promoting interest of our students towards learning the second foreign language. Only with the tight cooperation and support of our foreign partners will make it possible to implement joint programs, inter-cultural exchange programs

Reaching our goals will contribute to meeting the requirements of Bologna process and will promote involvment of our educational institutions into this process. Foreign language teachers require systematic training and a proved scientific professional education. This program will support teachers throughout country in meeting high professional standards and refresh their knowledge constantly. The center will accomodate specialized courses for university professors and lecturers.