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General description

Purpose of the teachers training center is to support professional development of English and German teachers and improve overall quality of foreign language teaching in Georgian schools, prepare foreign language teachers for national certification exam.

Practical and theoretical course will help the teachers to plan the classes correctly and to prepare for the teachers‘ certification exam as part of the current educational reform.

As the current educational reform promotes the western methodology and teaching standards.

Statistics and the analysis of educational system show that foreign language teachers are in need of improvement of methodological, communicational and inter-cultural competence. They are in need of support in setting up cooperation with foreign schools and universities in different countries, setting up partnership and implementing joint projects.

Implementation of the project will be a significant step forward in the area of education. The teachers will get an opportunity to get familiar with the new initiatives, new techniques and share experiences, receive practical suggestions set up relationship with European colleagues.

The project is designed to offer the training tailored to the abilities, interests and needs of the students. Get acquainted with the team work, innovative technique and strategy.

Trainings will be held by highly qualified local and foreign specialists.

Prerequisite: B1 B2 language level of the accepted European recommendation council standard.

Structure and description of the program

Purpose of the program: Using the teaching methodology acquired by the visual and digital technologies knowledge, experience and skills for the following aspects of teaching:

Offered methodology

  1. Develop communication skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) 3 credits

Developing student’s communication skills is a significant aspect of teaching. Teachers should be able to use modern methodology.

The module offers school teachers new strategies and technique. After going through the modules the teachers will be able to apply the acquired knowledge and effectively develop colloquial skills of their students by using modern methodology.

  1. Plan the classes

Teachers will learn how to plan and conduct classes in compliance with the modern methodology. They will be introduced to the phases of classes, social techniques as well as the methods oriented towards the content and the result.

  1. Review of the foreign language teaching methods based on the modern concepts (communication, inter- cultural aspects)
  2. Planning language class

Optional modules

  1. Understand texts
  2. Teaching grammar
  3. Correcting papers
  4. Teacher’s behavior
  5. Attendance
  6. Testing and assesment
  7. Using scenarios
  8. Team work
  9. Projects at foreign language classes
  10. Cultural aspects
  11. Using pictures for developing basic speech
  12. Movies/visual/audio means
  13. Cultural introduction
  14. Using computer/internet
  15. Teaching based on language project
  16. Intercultural literature in language class

After completing these courses the participants get certificates